4 Important Things to Do Before You Sell Your Car to A Car Wrecker

Posted On November 26th, 2018

Selling a car is a big deal. And as the seller, it is only natural that you want to the sale to go smoothly, without a hitch. So, what can you do to ensure that everything goes well, and the car sale happens quickly? Here are some tips on things to do before you sell your car that will help you with the car selling process.

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What You Must Do Before Selling Your Car

  • Check the Vehicle to Make Sure You’ve Taken All Your Belongings

Once the new owner drives away with the vehicle, what’s inside it is legally theirs. Before you sell your vehicle, be sure to clear out all your personal belongings. Check every nook and cranny for any personal belongings and remove them before you hand over the vehicle to its new owner.

  • Take Care of All the Legalities

You’ll have plenty to do with completing the sale of the vehicle.

You will need to remove the number plate from the car and return it to the concerned authorities, cancel or update your insurance,

and have the title ready so that the new owner can transfer ownership. If the idea of doing all that paperwork is annoying,

you can sell your car to a cash for cars or car removal company. Legitimate car removal companies will provide the necessary paperwork,

including the transfer of ownership documents, so the car sale becomes easy and stress-free.

  • Consider Dismantling Car Parts

If your car has salvageable car parts, then you can consider pulling parts from it to be sold. If you plan to pull parts to resale then when you get a quote from a cash for car company do not include the parts pulled, or that will be pulled from the vehicle. Give a complete description of the vehicle missing parts and all. Car removal companies will accept any condition of a vehicle; however, if you do not provide an accurate description, they will not be able to honour the quote they provided for the car or truck. Always give a complete description.

  • Use Up the Fuel

If you have a full tank of fuel and the vehicle is drivable, take it for a drive before you hand over the keys to the wrecker. There is no reason to let it go with a full tank of fuel with the high cost of fuel these days.  Do your last-minute errands and enjoy a drive in the vehicle. You can even enquire about whether you will get a higher amount if you drive the vehicle to the car wreckers, instead of having them come to collect the car from your location. And if they say yes, you can do that and get more cash for your car. We also provide Cash for Flood-damaged Cars.

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