What’s the Best Time to Sell my Old Car for Cash in Adelaide?

Posted On July 11th, 2019

There really is no best time to sell old car for cash. It all depends on how useful the car is to you or how badly you need cash. It is hard to sell an old car to a used car dealer as they generally only accept trade-ins. Finding a buyer direct is also hard and takes time. It could take up to three months to sell a used car online through websites like Gumtree or Trading Post.

A better way to sell your car is through a Cash for Car Dealer

The main benefit of cash for car dealers is they give you cash for your car on the spot.

The way it works:

  • You call
  • They give you a quote for your car over the phone itself
  • They send a man to inspect it – often the same day itself
  • They give you cash for your car on the spot plus assistance with paperwork
  • They drive your car away after you’ve signed the Vehicle Transfer Forms

When do you sell your car to a Cash for Car or Scrap Car Dealer?

You sell your car when it no longer serves its purpose. Let’s say you’ve had a key event in your life. You’ve had a baby, or you’ve married your childhood sweetheart. In this case, you may wish to trade up your old car.

To get cash fast, it makes sense to consult a Cash for Car dealer.

Cash for Car dealers give you a fairly good price for your old vehicle. They will buy it off you no matter what condition it’s in. And what’s even better – your car’s age, make or model is not important to them. They put cash in your pocket when you need it most.

What do cash for car dealers do with your old car or scrap car?

They strip it for parts which they recondition and sell for a small profit. The metal body is stripped of paint which is toxic and then disposed of in a way that is ecologically friendly to the environment.

If you have a car you no longer need and would like to see disposed of in an environmentally friendly way, then a good Cash for Car dealer with a solid reputation following them is what you need to look for.

SA Wreckers is an established Cash for Car dealer based in Adelaide

SA Wreckers’ business mission is to ‘simplify’ the process of buying a used car. They don’t believe in complicating car sales but keeping them as simple for customers as possible.

SA Wreckers Adelaide provides a quote for vehicles over the phone itself, and if accepted, arranging for pick up and car removal the same day itself.

You can contact SA Wreckers to sell your scrap car on 0404 378 940.