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Posted On May 25th, 2019

Will a Car Removal Service in Adelaide Remove your Car for FREE?

In many cases, the answer is ‘yes’. When you have an accident, often your car is written off by insurance. Selling the car to a Car Removals company is a great way to get instant cash for the damaged vehicle that’s beyond the point of repairs.

Your insurance company has agreed to replace your car – as the other driver was at fault or your car is lying outside your home or by the side of a road.

Council will fine you $220 if you don’t remove your car from the street. In this case, the best thing you can do is call a Car Removal company and get your car removed at no cost to you.

Free Car Removals Adelaide

What do car removal services do with your car once they’ve got it?

They dispose off it, thoughtfully. Good Car Removal Services like SA Wreckers who have been in the business for years, take cars apart for a living.

The parts that can be used, they sell to second-hand car parts dealers in Melbourne and other states. The parts that can’t be used, they drain of oil, grease and fluid and dispose off in eco-friendly ways.

The metal – they strip of its paint (paint is toxic to the environment) and sell as scrap metal to auto recycling plants.

The profit car removalist companies make is small

Because profit is not very high, neither are the prices they will give you, usually.

Good Car Removalist companies like SA Wreckers Adelaide will always try and give you a token amount for your car, however.

This could be anything between $50 to $500 depending on its condition.

Sure, if your car is new, or about to be repossessed, the price we will offer you is different. However, for old cars that are about to be dumped, anyway, the price we will give you will be much less.

SA Wreckers – an Adelaide-based Car Wrecker you can trust

With over a decade of buying and wrecking old cars for a living, in ways that are eco-friendly, SA Wreckers is a company you can trust to do business with.

We’ve bought over 20,000 cars in our lifetime paying out millions of dollars for them. We are successful because we understand what our business is all about – not just buying cars but also providing polite and courteous service to those who sell them to us.

A company that will never take you for granted

The worst thing you can take a client for is granted. That will never happen to you while you do business with SA Wreckers, Adelaide.

Where can you get cash for your car – today, itself?

At SA Wreckers Adelaide, that’s where. No matter what condition your car is in – we will buy it off you. And pay you cash for cars on the spot.

If this isn’t enough, we will also pick up your car from your premises plus do the Transfer paperwork for you.

To get a FREE Quote from us – with no obligation to sell, whatsoever, please call us today on 0404 378 940.