Find Out If You Can Get Top Cash for Car for Your Vehicle?

Posted On September 14th, 2018

When it comes to selling used cars, the market has never been better. Getting top cash for cars can be quite a task. With online selling platforms and other avenues, it has become easy for car owners to list their vehicle for sale. But, there’s a catch. The free, open market has also led to high competition. So, a car that would have been considered a great deal is now just another car for sale. Buyers are spoilt for choice, so selling your used car might prove to be difficult. Here’s a list of some of the best selling used cars in the budget-friendly category.

Budget-friendly Used Cars That Are In High Demand

When it comes to used cars, some cars are in more demand than others. If you own one of the following cars, you might find it to be relatively easy to get a top cash for car deal for your vehicle.

Subaru Liberty

The Subaru Liberty is a favourite in the used car market. It is hailed as a classic car with very good safety features, such as its all-wheel drive grip. If you own a Subaru Liberty that’s in good working, then you can expect to get a good cash for car sale for it.

Suzuki Swift

When it comes to small cars, Suzuki Swift performs really well in the used auto market. The compact car comes equipped with dual front airbags and ABS brakes. It also boasts of a fuel-efficient engine, which is another big plus.

Toyota Camry

The mid-sized Toyota Camry is a solid car, built to last. It is a very reliable vehicle with a good resale value. It is generally believed that you can’t go wrong with a Toyota Camry, as long as you do the basic checks.

Kia Sportage

The Kia Sportage is a new-age wagon that has impressed SUV enthusiasts with its fuel efficiency, flexibility and practicality. But to get a good cash for car deal, your car will have to be in very good condition, as any repairs needed could turn out to be expensive, thereby bringing down the sale price drastically.

Ford Falcon BFII

The Ford Falcon BFII is a car that is reliable, giving you many years of problem-free usage. It is solidly built and has a bulletproof six-cylinder engine. The only downside is fuel consumption, which is quite high if you go by today’s standard. Nevertheless, a good car to buy when looking at used cars.

When selling your used car, it is important to be realistic with your expectations. You can sell your car to a private buyer, or if it is too old or has a lot of issues that need fixing, a better option might be to sell it to a car removal company instead. They will take it off your hands, so you can get cash for car and not have to worry about fixing the car before getting it sold.

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