About Us

We are Auto Buyers & Wreckers that quickly purchase any make & condition of a vehicle.

At SA Wreckers, we don’t believe in complicated Car Buying.

As Auto Buyers in Southern Australia with years of experience in the auto industry,

we make accurate Cash for Car quotes over the phone and through our “Get a Quote” form that is located at the top of this page.

Our cash offers don’t require more than the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle to obtain.

We understand that vehicle owner have many questions when selling their auto like is selling the automobile to a car removal company a legitimate way to sell a vehicle.

Is it the cheapest way to sell a car? Etc. We assure our customers that we are a legitimate way to sell a vehicle.

We are licensed and insured and have the buying power to pay cash for your vehicle.

Car owners that choose to sell their auto to SA Wreckers will receive fast and convenient services.

We provide customers with many extra perks when selling their auto including the convenience of 24-hour Car Removals.

We service Southern Australia with Car Removals that are offered around the clock each day of the year,

and our free car removal service is always courtesy of SA Wreckers.


Many vehicle owners selling their auto to us are selling a scrap, accident or flood-damaged cars in Adelaide.

We are not going to the wrecking yard and the vehicle owner but an Auto Wrecker. As an Auto Wrecker in Southern Australia,

our customers receive fair Cash for Scrap, Damaged and Accident vehicle offers as we can get the best value from autos.

We are also Wreckers that recycle vehicles. Car Recycling requires expertise, and at SA Wreckers;

we are experts in Wrecking & Recycling that can recycle nearly 100% of a vehicle.

With our system, only a small percentage of the auto is disposed of, so vehicle owners get the best cash value for their auto.

Eco-friendly Car Recycling also means the smallest carbon imprint is left on the environment.

We also take a great deal of pride in our easy to obtain Cash for Cars offers.

We provide quick quotes over the phone or through our web page. Quotes don’t take long to obtain.

Within minutes of contacting a car appraiser at SA Wreckers, vehicle owners will have a Cash offer up to $5,000 for their auto.

We also don’t want the vehicle owners to do additional work in order to sell their auto to us.

We simply ask that the inside of the auto be cleared out, the plates of the vehicle removed and that the vehicle owner has the title of ownership

or scrap title of the vehicle to provide with our removal technician.

When Selling A Car, Truck, Van, 4×4, SUV, Ute, Bus, or Bike to SA Wreckers,

we make the process one that is quick and convenient and guarantee a fair price for your auto.

Call us today at 0404 378 940 or 08 8281 4625 for a quick quote.

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