Free Auto Wrecking & Cash for Wrecked Cars at SA Wreckers 

Posted On December 21st, 2016

At SA Wreckers, cash for wrecked cars is easy to make.

Vehicle owners have the outlet for free auto wrecking as well as to get cash for their auto.

We are the Auto Wreckers in Adelaide that are known for offering higher prices than our competitors.

We buy wrecked and damaged vehicles of any make and condition.

Prices that can go into the thousands of dollars for merely picking up the phone and calling us to make you an offer on your vehicle.

SA Wreckers make the entire process of selling a car quick and simple.

So simple that the entire process (from getting and accepting your initial quote to us driving away with the vehicle while you count your cash)

only takes less than an hour from your busy day. Our process is one that is simple, working like this:

  • 1.    You contact us through our telephone line or web page to provide us with the details of your vehicle (make, model, age, condition). Our car appraiser takes all the important details and calculates the value of your auto based on different things like precious metals, the weight and size of the auto, etc.
  • 2.    You accept or reject the quote.
  • 3.    Accept the quote, and we’ll schedule a free Car Removal anywhere in Adelaide. Our wreckers work around the clock so that vehicle owners have convenient car removals at times that are best for them.
  • 4.    We arrive to inspect and remove the vehicle, leaving our cash offer in the hands of the vehicle owner.

When we buy a vehicle that is wrecked or damaged, the auto will come back to our wrecking yard

where our wreckers put good use to their expertise, talent, and skills to wreck and recycle vehicles to their fullest.

With our wrecking methods, vehicle owners have nearly 100 per cent of their auto-converted to recycled materials.

At SA Wreckers we are the source in Adelaide to get a fair price on your auto.

A price up to $15,000 for any make & condition of a vehicle. Give us a call today or complete our “Get a Quote” form at the top right of this page.

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