How Can You Get Cash for Your Car & Free Wrecking in Adelaide?

Posted On June 12th, 2018

When the car is in wrecked condition, what is the solution to get cash for the car? Do you tow it to the wreckers and pay a bill of a couple of hundred dollars for the towing costs? You might pocket a little cash for the price of the few good parts on the car that the wrecker is willing to buy. And, once the wrecker buys the parts, what happens to the car? Will you have to wonder if it is sitting in an open plot or a landfill, contaminating the environment with hazardous toxins? There is a simple solution for your car that yields you cash and free wrecking: SA Wreckers Adelaide.

Top Cash & Free Wrecking in SA

When the car is in wrecked or badly damaged condition, wreckers are typically your best choice in a car buyer. Now, a wrecker that also recycles cars is a better choice, and that is exactly what SA Wreckers is.

We are wreckers in SA that wreck cars at no costs to their owners. So, you have a car that is badly damaged? We will buy it and dismantle it allowing our mechanics to go to work. But, the car doesn’t work, you think. So, I am still out a couple of hundred, you think. After all, you still have to pay for towing the car to us, right? Not at all. When we buy cars, we remove the cars at no costs to the owners. We are car buyers that go to the locations of our customers in Adelaide and remove their cars for free. So, now you have a car sale that yields you cash for the car, free removal and free wrecking and recycling if needed. That is what SA Wreckers provides when we buy cars, and cash payment at the time of car removal. We are established car buyers that you can trust.

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To obtain a cash quote for your car, please contact SA Wreckers at the number below. For an online quote, please visit our homepage and complete our online “Get a Quote’ form. We are your used car buyer in Adelaide that pays you cash for your car of any make and condition.

Do you need a Car Wrecker? Get top cash for wrecking by calling us at 0404 378 940.